Jogging with the Voyage
team along the creek

Start the day with a health breakfast

Power walks along the beautiful
Helford River up to Gweek 

Stretch down after
the morning workout 

Informative nutrition workshops
to understand our bodies well-being

Your personal fitness journey
in stunning surroundings

Enjoy tasty nutritional meals

High quality exercise sessions with qualified, experienced Voyage trainers

Home made nutritional meals


We adopt an individualistic approach to your personal fitness plan. We tailor it around your goals and create achievable and realistic objectives. This could include fat loss, health recovery, diet planning, exercise knowledge, wanting to kick-start a healthier lifestyle or to rediscover your motivation and previous fitness levels.


Spaces available for 7, 5 or 2 nights.
Call 01872 890006 or email

Health and Fitness

Your getaway is the heart of the Cornish countryside, with indoor and outdoor activities that immerse you in nature. You’ll enjoy authentic comfortable accommodation, home cooked healthy food and join a like-minded community with support at every level.

Through our FIT plan we will adapt a Fitness and Nutrition plan that fits around you and your lifestyle. Our instructors are on hand to ensure that the sessions are engaging and you come away having progressed towards your goals and find it enjoyable and fun!

Voyage Fitness Retreats is not just about the time you stay with us, you will leave with the tools to sustain your positive results and continue with your fitness journey for the long term.

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